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“SKN Kalakshetram” The School of Dance & Music…

Is the most famous School for all fine arts. “Kala” means “Art, “Kshetram” means “Home” Thus Kalakshetram is the “Home of Arts“. We provide professional training in Kuchipudi, Bharatanatyam, Khattak, Folk, Odissi, Carnatic Sangeetham, Hindustani Sangeetham, Lalitha Sangeetham, Musical Keyboard, Piano, Veena, Sitar, Tabala, Dholak, Rhythm Pads and Drum Kits. We conduct classes at our School, and also take home tutions & online classes for all countries.

Our main aim is to establish the importance of our culture by arts.


Discipline – Teach – Mentor – Values – Positive Thinking – Morals